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Chimney Sweeping provides services to increase heat efficiency, prevent carbon monoxide leaks & keep your home clean & fire soot free. by providing exceptional service at an affordable price cost-effective. Here, At SOE Services, We use the most advanced and powerful chimney sweeping system on the market. You can rely on our technology to keep you breathing easy and keeping you warm.

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Full-Service Chimney Works

Its chimney sweep, new chimney installation, repair or restoration of an old one, or you wish to make it pest or waterproof or need an inspection; chimney repairs Sydney do it all.

Competitive and affordable Pricing

At Chimney Sweeps Sydney, we pride ourselves on offering the affordable competitive prices, true to the services we provide with no hidden charges.

Quick Online And Offline Scheduling

Waiting for hired technicians the whole day is exhausting. We eliminate this discomfort by offering our clients fast online and offline scheduling with our scheduling structure.

Guaranteed Installation & Service of Old & New Chimneys

Our professionals are trained and well-equipped with the latest installation and repairing techniques. They are capable of repairing both classic and modern chimneys with the same efficiency.

Use of Latest Tools

Our technicians use only the latest and imported tools, which is one of the main reasons our work provides the efficient output and maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

From services to the use of top-quality original parts, our Chimney services in Sydney ensure 100% satisfaction.

Expert Clean Air Duct & Vent Cleaning

At Clean Air Duct & Vent Cleaning, we believe that it’s vital for companies to maintain fresh and healthy air for their success. Our commercial air duct cleaning services are designed to eliminate harmful pollutants such as dust and debris from your HVAC systems, air ducts, and vents. By doing so, we ensure that the people in your building breathe clean air. We offer a variety of commercial air duct cleaning services, including:

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  • Air Duct Cleaning Service

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A chimney must be swept before allowed to rest for long periods. It is because the soot breaks down to a fine powder which becomes extremely combustible in the case it’s lit in the future.

Regular chimney sweeping keeps it functioning safely by clearing creosote and soot, which creates blockages is left unattended and becomes incredibly combustible if allowed to build. Regular sweeping also keeps chimney fire from loosening flue bricks and prevents flames and gases/smoke enter the house structure.

On the other hand, a clean flue, whether brick or metal, functions more efficiently and provides more heat using less fuel. Regular chimney maintenance also extends the life of a fireplace.

Pest proofing prevents birds nesting ontop of/ inside the flue obstructing flue exit, triggering smoke damage to room if lit. It also prevents possums’ or other pests such as rats/mice which spread the soot in Chimneys from entering the home

Not to mention, any pests getting stuck/lodged and death causes rotting flesh smells and maggots, which you can avoid by chimney pest proofing.
It ensures soundness, freedom from deposits, and safe and clear passage for the gases, as using a fireplace without first inspecting and maintaining can be dangerous and even deadly.